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About Me
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Please Watch this video to see what a day in the life of someone with Autism would be like!


Sorry the flash hurts my eyes


My name is Kate. I am 9 Years old and I have Autism.  The normal everyday things that you do and see and hear are a world of confusion to me.. Bright lights sometimes hurt my eyes ... loud sounds hurt my ears ... everything you say is very literal to me ... So please speak in simple terms and don't use puns....
  sometimes when I am in the mall and there is alot of stimulation I don't know what to do and I panic and have melt downs I cry, scream, hold my ears, or I run away from mom and hide .. If the fire alarm goes off at night in our house ... I hide!... I have been hit by a car because I have jumped out our van when mom came to a stop... I am fast and mom just couldn't catch me in time .. I am ok now!  I have fallen off the edge of a pool .. good thing my aunt Beatrice is a very fast life guard and I had great supervision that day but, again they were just not fast enough.  One day I was walking to school and a snow plow came up the road from behind me and scared me and I didn't know what to do ... so I just squatted down in front of it with my hands over my ears ... it is a good thing that the snow plow driver was watching out for children that day ... he helped me move to a safer place... now I take the H.O.P.E. Van to goto school so I can be safe.  I have climbed a wall leading to the roof at school and I fell off ... boy did that ever hurt!  .. My PSA was not with me at that moment ... I am ok now!
  Mom get's very worried. I am a very loving girl who just has some sensory issues as well as a few saftey concerns.  So, My mom has applied for an Autism Service Dog which will help me alot.  I have been ACCEPTED into the Autism Service Dog program and we are very excited about this ... This dog will help me stay safer with my mom's help ... This dog will be my friend no matter what ... he will not judge me... I will be proud of my new friend and take very good care of him.... BUT, we need your help now... To train my Service dog it will cost over $18,000... it is alot of money ... but this dog will help me be more independant and safer! .. We are fundraising all different kids of ways ... so please watch the Vanguard and listen to CJLS radio they will help us get the word out as to when the next fundraiser will be... In the meantime if you would like to give a donation you can conatct my mom at


My favorite things are:
  • Riding my bike...
  • Listening to music...
  • Reading books with my mom...
  • Swimming at the YMCA...
  • Playing with my polly pockets...
  • I have a special bear his name is "Cousin Bear" I got him when I was in the hospital when I was 2 he is my favorite thing he goes where I go...
  • My Favorite foods are corn chowder ... grapes ... candy of course!
  • My favorite friend is my baby brother Josh. He has autsim just like me.


Some of the things I do that mom says scares her are:

  • I run in the road without fear.. I ran one time and slipped on ice and bumped off the bumper of a van coming to a stop... I was ok a bit scrapped up but I could have gotten hurt much worse.
  • I run in the parking lot at the malls and I am usually jumping out the van before mom can get too me
  • I climb to very high points
  • I would like to touch the burner's on the stove I think that they are such a pretty red
  • When the fire alarm goes off .. it hurts my ears and I try to hide from it...
  • I have walked off the edge of a pool..
  • I have squatted motionless in front of a moving snow plow with my hands over my ears.
  • I have snuck out of the house in the middle of the night while it was snowing very hard.  In just a pair of crocs and pj's. When I was found 3 hours later I was very cold and didn't realize it.We have alarms on our doors but i learnt how to shut them off while people are sleeping.

How The Dog Can Help Me
  • He will be trained so if I wander from mom he will be able to help find me.
  • He will be harnessed to me and is trained to not allow me to run into the road.  But, I am taught that I am harnessed to him to keep him safe!
  • He is trained to interupt any behaviors such as flapping my hands when I get scared and he will love me and calm me down with gentle nudges.
  • He will help mom find me if I hide during a fire alarm.
  • He will not allow me to climb to high points.  He will Bark if he thinks I am in Danger. My mom always watches me but sometimes if she is not looking I am sneaky.
  • He will LOVE me unconditionally and I don't have to be anyone else but ME!